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Changes to Australian copyright legislation

Posted: Friday 22 June 2018

Amendments were made to the Copyright Act in 2017, which covered four key areas:

  • Part VA and VB statutory licences were repealed and replaced with a single streamlined licence s113P. S113P statutory licence allows us to make limited use of copyright material for educational purposes without having to obtain permission from the owner. The universities pay the collecting societies Copyright Agency Ltd (CAL) and Screenrights for the use of this licence. At the moment this licence has allowed us to copy and communicate up to 10% or one chapter of a book available, for example, to students through Moodle. These limits may change when the licences are renegotiated in the coming year, however until that time the limits remain unchanged. Using the Library’s eReadings service is the means to ensure your content is within limits, and any changes are taken care of by the Library.
  • Disability access was broadened. For further information see this information sheet
  • Preservation exceptions were broadened.
  • Changes to the copyright terms of unpublished materials.

A minor change was made to the display of the notice which must be displayed near student use photocopiers and PCs. The notice has not changed, however the notice can now be printed larger than A4 to be displayed in view of users.  

For further information see the factsheets available through the Australian Library Copyright Committee  or contact the Copyright Office at

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