Educational purposes

Copies and communications of copyright material under s.113P or the music licence can only be made for non-commercial educational purposes of the University.

The educational purposes of the University include:

  • For a particular course of instruction provided by the university
  • To place a copy in the University's library collection
  • For internal administrative copying (i.e. for distribution teachers or academics for training)

If you are unsure, contact the Copyright Office.

Practical examples of educational purposes include:

  • Course packs
  • Handing copies out in class
  • Sending attachments to students via email
  • Putting material onto subject pages in Moodle. This can only be done by the Library through eReadings - staff must not load copyright material into Moodle themselves!

For the music licence, educational purposes means using in connection with a particular course of instruction or course of study and/or research of the university, including the necessary administration and assessment of that course of instruction or study. It does not including commercial activities and commercial research.