Multicultural student newsletter

The Multicultural Student Newsletter provides important information and updates, as well as events and happenings on campus and around the University community. In 2017, we made the name change from 'international' to 'multicultural', to better reflect the diversity of students at FedUni, and we have consolidated all campuses into one newsletter. The newsletter is distributed to multicultural students and selected staff/community members each month - if you'd like to be added, please contact us. Below, you'll find all back issues of the newsletter:


February 2018 (3.3MB) - All campuses


October 2017 (2.4MB) - All campuses
August 2017 (2.3MB) - All campuses
Jul 2017 (3.6MB) - All campuses
June 2017 (2.47MB) - All campuses
May 2017 (2.01MB) - All campuses
April 2017 (2.57MB) - All campuses
March 2017 (2.5MB) - Ballarat 
March 2017 (2.1MB) - Gippsland
February 2017 (4.7MB) - Ballarat


Ballarat and Wimmera Gippsland


Ballarat and Wimmera Gippsland


Ballarat and Wimmera Gippsland