FAQs - International Buddy Program

What is the International Student Buddy Program?

This is a Pilot (in semester 2, 2019) Program which aims to match new international students with 'Buddies' - students who have been here for a while. The aim is to ensure that all International students get a peer-to-peer social support and have a friendly face on campus. Buddies discuss everything to do with life in Australia from where to buy a good coffee, to how to get involved in local sports clubs, and some even take part in a language exchange - anything that isn't to do with your course.

Who can get a Buddy?

All new international students - currently this Program is only running at the Berwick campus but we hope to expand this in the future. We can only assign a maximum of five new students per Buddy however so we cannot guarantee that one will be available unfortunately - register soon to have the best opportunity to get a Buddy.

Who can be a Buddy?

Any student (domestic of international)who has been enrolled at FedUni for at least 1 year, and is interested in helping new International students to feel at home. Buddies must be at least 18 years of age and currently enrolled at FedUni.

What are the benefits to getting involved?

For the International Buddy: Get to know what life is like here from someone who has been through it all before, have an instant friend on campus and build a social network.

For the Volunteer Buddy: Make a new friend, learn about other cultures and languages, get something to put on your resume and use your experience towards the Federation Award.

Will I get paid?

No, this is a volunteer program so no money changes hands. Volunteer Buddies can use this role towards the Federation Award, however, and there will be regular small incentives such as coffee vouchers for buddies who do a great job. Plus, you get the satisfaction of helping someone else - what more could you need?

What if my question isn't answered here?

Just send us an email: multicultural.ss@federation.edu.au.