The time between accepting an offer and arriving at FedUni is important for international students' success. We support you before you even get on the plane with timely and accurate information so that you can make the best choices.

The Multicultural Services team is easily contacted to ask any questions, and you will also hear from one of our student committee members in case you need to ask any questions about what life is really like in Australia and at FedUni. You will also get to meet our friendly committee during orientation.

Information and resources

A welcome email is sent to you including essential information to help you prepare for your departure and the key dates that you need to know. We include maps and directions to ensure that you arrive at the right place and on time.

All international students are offered a free airport pickup and given initial information about accommodation options. We recommend that you book at least 1 week of short term accommodation from when you arrive, as it can take a while to find something more permanent

The Pre-arrival Guide covers all the important information that you will need in preparation for your journey such as pre-arrival check-lists, helpful tips, other accommodation options, finances and what/what not to bring.

Download Pre-arrival Guide (pdf, 3,356 KB)