Global Professional School

Short-term (Winter or Summer) programs


A short program provides the ideal opportunity to experience a taste of overseas study at one of Federation University’s partner universities around the world without committing to a full semester abroad.

Programs run for between two and four weeks, with most being offered during the semester breaks.

You may be able to fast-track your Federation University degree by completing approved subjects sooner. The following short-term programs are available.

CNU International Summer Session (South Korea)

June 24 - July 20, 2021

Experienced scholars from Chonnam National University and other prestigious universities around the world will guide you through a true intellectual experience. Student participants can take up to 2 credits during the four-week period and experience Korean culture during the CNU International Summer Session [ISS].

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2021 PKNU International Summer School  (South Korea)

July 5 - July 16, 2021 (Now only available online)

Learn about Korea and its unique culture through three lectures on different aspects of Korea. Politics and Economy of Korea; Korean Culture with a Foreign Perspective and Korean Society through Popular Culture

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SDU International Summer School 2021 (University of Southern Denmark)

August 9 - August 20, 2021 (Now only available online)

Join students from over 40 countries for a two-week intensive international Summer School in August. Choose from a comprehensive list of courses within engineering, science and business. Joining SDU International Summer School means a lot of interesting academic work but also the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the famous fairy tale writer H.C. Andersen. Enjoy and explore the happy spirit of Denmark and take part in lively programme of social and cultural activities in and around the city of Odense arranged by the SDU International Summer School.

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Laurea University of Applied Sciences (Finland)

Laurea University of Applied Sciences offers a possibility for students to participate in short programmes which are organised each year. These programmes can be degree specific or multidisciplinary. Please read more in this page for information regarding upcoming short programmes

3AMK Summer School for Master’s Students

Intensive week: 16 August 16 - August 20, 2021  (Now only available online)

The topic of 3AMK Summer School is “Leadership Skills for a Changing World”. In 2021, we will focus on the following sub-topics: inclusive leadership through collaborative practices, leading the learning organisation, and creating a resilient organisation.

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UTT Summer program at the University of Technology of Troyes (France)

May 14 - June 20, 2021 Cancelled program

If you want to have an introduction to French language and French culture or want to improve your level in a multicultural atmosphere, this intensive program is made for you! 2 cross-disciplinary courses (provided in English) plus weekends in Normandie, Paris, and adventure in Drome / Vercors.

ISM Summer University in the Baltics (Lithuania)

July 5 – July 22, 2021(Now only available online)

Spend three weeks of your summer studying at one of the best business universities in the Baltic countries. Whether you are a graduate or undergraduate, enroll in the ISM Summer University and enjoy your time s

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