Truong Phung - Research

Research publications

  1. Phung, T. H., & Sultan, I. A. (2017). Apex seal vibration analysis of limacon positive displacement machines. 9th Australian Congress on Applied Mechanics (ACAM9). Sydney: ACAM9.
  2. Phung, T., Sultan, I., & Boretti, A. (2016). Design of Limaçon Gas Expanders. In R. Jazar, & L. Dai (Eds.), Nonlinear approaches in engineering applications (Vol. 4, pp. 91-119). Springer International Publishing.
  3. Sultan, I. A., Phung, T. H., & Alhelal, A. (2016). Improving process efficiency by waste heat recuperation: An application of the limacon technology. In S. Devasahayam, K. Dowling, & M. K. Mahapatra (Eds.), Sustainability in the Mineral and Energy sectors (pp. 475-498). Florida: CRC Press.