Chand, Savin (Dr) - Research

Current Research Project/Students

A number of Masters and PhD level projects are available for 2014/2015 in the field of Climatology and Meteorology. Some research topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Statistical and statistical-dynamical model development for predictions of extreme weather events at various time scales (i.e., ranging from a few days to months)
  • Understanding changes in weather and climate patterns at various timescales, and their implications on extreme weather events
  • Tropical cyclone genesis in changing climate: Assessments from CMIP3 and CMIP5 experiments
  • Development of statistical-dynamical models for regional scale projections of tropical cyclones and climate change
  • Explaining tropical cyclones track changes due to climate change
  • Risk assessments associated with extreme events
    Incorporating indigenous weather knowledge in scientific assessments for decision making

Please contact Dr Savin Chand directly for inquiry.

Postgraduate research supervisions

Current PhD supervision

  • Student: Cameron Smith
    Thesis title: Subseasonal-to-seasonal rainfall predictability in the Pacific
    Supervisors: Dr Savin Chand (Main, FedUni ); Dr Matthew Wheeler (Australian Bureau of Meteorology); Dr Christopher Turville (FedUni)
  • Student: Samuel Bell
    Thesis title: Tropical cyclone track characteristics and climate change - assessment from CMIP5 experiments
    Supervisors: Dr Savin Chand (Main, FedUni ); Dr Kevin Tory (Australian Bureau of Meteorology); Dr Christopher Turville (FedUni)


Professional Memberships and Associations

Dr Savin Chand has very strong research collaboration with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, University of Melbourne, City University, Hong Kong and University of the South Pacific. He also works with meteorologists and climate scientists from the various Meteorological Services in the South Pacific Island countries in developing weather and climate prediction models.

Research Interests

  • Impact of natural climate variability on tropical cyclones and extreme rainfall
  • Tropical cyclones and climate change
  • Dynamics of tropical cyclone formation
  • Statistical modelling of extreme weather and climate events
  • Techniques development for the analysis of atmospheric data
  • Observational analysis, theoretical interpretation, and numerical modelling
  • Heat waves
  • Indigenous weather and climate knowledge for environmental prediction applications