Eric Holm - extended research

Position Lecturer,
Location Mt Helen,
Building B,
Phone 5327 6206


Research interests

Broad research interests include research into the relationships between technology and the law inclusive of identity theft, cyber-crime and blockchain. Other research interests include the teaching of law.

Current research projects

Doctoral research on blockchain and the application of this technology to property law.

  1. Collaborative research project with Emeritus Professor Clark: Sambo: An anatomy of a murder case in 1884;
  2. Collaborative research project with Associate Professor Elisa Zentveld: Chasing contract cheating through a bifurcated regulatory response.

Consulting and other activities

Eric is a volunteer for Upstart Ballarat as well as for the Office of Correctional Services Review.


Journal articles

Eric Holm, ‘The Darknet: A New Passageway to Identity Theft’ (2017) 6(1) International Journal of Information Security and Cybercrime.

Eric Holm, ‘Identity Crime: Deliberating on Remedies for the Victim’ (2015) 4(2) International Journal of Information Security and Cybercrime.

Eric Holm, 'The Role of the Refrigerator in Identity Crime?' (2016) 5(1) International Journal of Cyber Security and Digital Forensics.

Eric Holm, 'Social Networking, the Catalyst for Identity Thefts in the Digital Society' (2014) 6(3) International Journal on Advances in Life Sciences.

Eric Holm and Geraldine Mackenzie, 'The Significance of Mandatory Data Breach Warnings to Identity Crime' (2014) 3(3) International Journal of Cyber-Security and Digital Forensics.

Lijiao Cheng, Ying Li, Wenli Li, Eric Holm and Qingguo Zhai, 'Understanding the violation of IS security policy in organizations: An integrated model based on social control and deterrence theory' (2013) 39 Computers & Security.

Eric Holm, 'Responding to Identity Crime on the Internet' (2012) 1(2) International Journal of Cyber-Security and Digital Forensics.

Kristy Richardson, Jennifer Butler and Eric Holm, 'Teaching law to non-law students: The use of problem solving models in legal teaching' (2009) 6(2) Studies in Learning, Evaluation, Innovation and development.

Book chapters

Eric Holm, 'Using real-life scenarios in law to prepare graduates for professional working practices' in Ed Errington (ed), Preparing Graduates for the Profession (Post Pressed, 2009).

Refereed conference proceedings

Eric Holm and Geraldine Mackenzie, 'The importance of mandatory data breach notification to identity crime' (Paper presented at the Third International Conference on Cyber Security, Cyber Warfare, and Digital Forensic, Lebanon, 29 April–May 1 2014).

Eric Holm, 'Social Networking and Identity Theft in the Digital Society' (Paper presented at the Eighth International Conference on Digital Society, Spain, 23 March-27 March 2014).

Eric Holm, 'Responding to Identity Crime on the Internet' (Paper presented at the International Conference on Cyber Security, Cyber Warfare and Digital Forensics, Malaysia, 26 June-28 June 2012.

Eric Holm, 'Information and privacy in the digital age' (Paper presented at the 14th Annual Global Finance Conference, Australia 1 April-4 April 2007.

Awards and grants

  • Vice Chancellor's Award for Contributions to Student Learning – University of Ballarat 2010
  • Business School – Most Outstanding Teacher – University of Ballarat 2012
  • Central Queensland University - Learning and Teaching Grant with Dr Kristy Richardson and Jennifer Butler (internal grant) 2007
  • University of Ballarat – School of Business L&T funded Research Project by Eric Holm (internal grant) 2009
  • Federation Business School – L&T Innovation fund (internal grant) with Dr Patrick O'Leary 2014