Colombage Sisira extended research

Position:Discipline Head,
Accounting & Finance, Economics and Law

Associate Professor,
Building 901,
Level 2
Phone: 5122 6644


Supervision interests

His current research interests include corporate finance, corporate governance, banking, capital markets, sustainable financing and financial technology (FinTec).



Sisira Colombage (co-authored with Anura Amarasena), 2017 “Exporting in The Asian Century: The dynamics of success”, Sid Harta Publications, Australia. ISBN:978-1-921030-85-7

Book chapters

Sisira Colombage (co-authored with Jayawardena, A.,) 2020,  “Does Blockchain Technology Drive Sustainability? An exploratory review”, Governance and Sustainability, Emerald Publications, UK

Journal articles

Colombage, S., Nanayakkara, M., 2020, “Impact of credit quality on credit spread of Green Bonds: A global evidence” Review of Development Finance” (forthcoming)

Xiaohua Sun, Runqun Yu, Yun Wang, Sisira RN Colombage, 2020, ‘Do government subsidies stimulate firms’ R&D efforts? Empirical evidence from China”, Asian Journal of Technology Innovation, pp 1-18.

Yun Wang, Yu Zhai, Xiaohua Sun, Sisira RN Colombage, 2020," To what extent do earnings affect the R&D decision of Chinese manufacturing firms?” Technology Analysis & Strategic Management,Vol 32,  pp.349-362.

Zhichong Zhao, Sisira Colombage, Guotai Chi, 2019, ‘Key Variables and Characteristics of Loan Loss Given Default: Empirical Evidence from 28 Provinces in China”, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, Vol.56 (11), pp 2443-2460.

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Awards and grants

  • FinTechs: Friends or Foes? Perspectives of Australian accountants and financial advisers, 2020, AFAANZ ($5000)
  • Cash Flow Forecast – Broadening Horizons Project for Secondary Schools, 2019, La Trobe Authority, ($33,000)
  • Research on Theory and Method of Microscopic Credit Evaluation in Big Data Environment, 2017. National Natural Science Foundation of China (CNY 2,600,000)
  • Earnings management and long term return performance of Australian Convertible Debt Issues, 2010. Granted by Monash University, Gippsland Campus ($9,945)
  • Cash flow research study, 2008. Loy Yang Power ($33,657)
  • Investments in Real Estate, 2008. School of Business and Economics, Gippsland ($5,652)