Turville, Christopher (Dr) - Research

Graduate research supervisions

  • 4 completed PhD students
  • 2 current PhD Students
  • 1 current Honours student

Honours student - Forensic Community Psychiatric Nursing Services: A retrospective pilot study on the characteristic of clients using the forensic community nursing services in Hong Kong

Consulting and other activities

Research Grants

  • $60,000 Applied Science Research Grant entitled: Serrated Tussock Management. Providing Statistical Expertise
  • $10,000 UB ECR Research Grant (2003) entitled: Meta-Model for Selecting Appropriate Forecasting Methods
  • $10,000 UB research grant (2001) entitled: Application of spatial regression models to the problem of estimating small-area populations from orbitally acquired remote sensing imagery. Co-investigator with J. Harvey.
  • $10,000 UB research grant (2000) entitled: Small-area population estimation by disaggregation of published census counts using ancillary information derived from orbitally acquired remote sensing imagery. Co-investigator with J. Harvey.

Research Projects/Consulting

  • A Randomised Trial of Predictive Assay Directed Chemotherapy in Non Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) and Mesothelioma. (2010). Provided statistical advice for the submission of ethics application. Data analysis of randomised clinical trial
  • The Efficacy and Safety of Homeoprophylaxis in the Prevention of S.Pneumoniae (2008). Provided statistical advice for the submission of ethics application. Data analysis of randomised clinical trial
  • $4.2 million ADF Anthropometric Project (2007). Provided statistical advice for the project. Wrote statistical section of the final report. Assisted with the development of a computer package to analyse results.
  • $2.3 million ADF Physical Employment Standards Study (2006). Statistical reviewer on peer review panel for all reports.
  • $21,000OASCC Occupational Disease Indicators Project (2005). Project supervisor.


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Research interests

  • Applied Statistics