Tuning into programs, for kids and teens

Federation Community Psychology Services presents  'Tuning in to Kids' and 'Tuning in to Teens',  6-week, well-researched parenting programs for parents and carers of Kids of 3-12 years old or Teens of 10–18 years old.

Please feel free to encourage the program to any parents/carers of teenagers that may be interested.

Tuning in to programs will enable you to learn

  • Yourself as a parent
  • Teenage emotions and behaviour
  • How to assist children to verbally label their emotions
  • Connecting and communicating with teenagers
  • Helping teenagers manage emotions
  • Taking time out for you
  • How to guide children’s behaviour with appropriate limits

For more information please email: psychology.services@federation.edu.au

Federation Community Psychology Services
Ground Floor, Building B (Gribble Building), SMB Campus, Lydiard Street South, Ballarat

Individual consultations are also available