Continuing student program structures

The program structures listed below are a guide for students who are studying full time to follow. If you have any enrolment enquiries, please contact Student HQ by phone on 1800 333 864 or online at FRED.


CodeProgramBerwick Flexible DeliveryGippsland Mt HelenOnline
HSE5 Bachelor of Human Services and Entrepreneurship Semester 1 (pdf, 203kb)  Semester 1 (pdf, 203kb)Semester 1 (pdf, 203kb)
HC5        Bachelor of Community and Human Services Semester 1 (pdf, 275kb)Semester 1 (pdf, 275kb)Semester 1 (pdf, 275kb)Semester 1 (pdf, 275kb) 
Semester 2 (pdf, 226kb)Semester 2 (pdf, 226kb)Semester 2 (pdf, 226kb)Semester 2 (pdf, 226kb) 


CodeProgramBerwick Mt Helen
HW9 Master of Social Work (Qualifying)                                             Semester 1 (pdf, 147kb)

Berwick seminar timetable (pdf, 135kb)  

Semester 2 (pdf, 146kb)

Mt Helen seminar timetable (pdf, 132kb)
Mt Helen Seminar Timetable for students in the final semester of study (pdf, 143kb)