Barrow, Mick

Position: Lecturer
Discipline: English and Academic Preparation
Location: Mt Helen, Room E203
Phone: (03) 5327 6324


Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics (Honours) (Childhood bilingualism) – University of New England

Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics (TESOL) – University of New England

Bachelor of Arts (Japanese, Linguistics) – University of New England

Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Education – Federation University Australia

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment - Pinnacle



  • EAP English and Academic Preparation


  • Introduction to Academic Literacy for International Students (ISEAP1103)
  • Introduction to Western Academic Culture (ISEAP1104)
  • Intermediate Academic Literacy for International Students (ISEAP2101)
  • Intermediate Understanding of Western Academic Culture (ISEAP2102)
  • Vocational English Program (VEP)
  • Intensive Academic Preparation (IAP)


Mick is a lecturer in the English and Academic Preparation program working in the School of Education. He joined Federation University Australia in 2014. Previously he worked in the IT sector in Ballarat for 13 years, after returning to Australia after living in Japan for 10 years where he worked as a language and culture instructor for engineering and technology companies in the Hokuriku region. He has travelled widely and sojourned for extended periods throughout North-East and Central Asia, New Caledonia, The Philippines and New Zealand, and studies languages for personal diversion.

Areas of expertise

Mick is a language learner and teacher. He has a special interest in:

(1) Second Language Acquisition

Mick is especially focussed on the differences between the modes and rates of acquisition for both First and Second languages, and for Informally- and Formally-learned languages. He wishes to examine differences in the processes and mechanisms through which Listening and Speaking are established in First and Informally-learned languages vis-à-vis Second and Formally-learned languages.

(2) Bilingualism

The focus of Mick’s Masters Honours thesis was family decision making regarding language use where primary care givers identify as having different mother tongues. The potentiality for bilingualism, and the domains and extent of use of each language learned, for the children within such families is an area which he would like to further examine at the doctoral level.

(3) The experience of language learning

Mick is interested in the transformative effects of formal and informal language learning on the student. His understanding is informed by his experiences as a language student (in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and China) and language instructor (in Australia and Japan, with students from over thirty different countries and more than forty different first language backgrounds). He is committed to exploring the contrasts and similarities between the experiences of second language learning students (learning outside their home language community) and foreign language learning students (living within their home language community). Mick aims to continue working with students from Chongqing (China), colleagues from Federation University Australia, and scholars from Shandong (China) to further understanding of language learning experiences.

Research interests

  • Learning experiences of International Students
  • Childhood Simultaneous Bilingualism
  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Primacy of listening and speaking in Second Language learning and teaching


  • Australian Linguistics Society
  • VicTESOL