LEAP into uni

Demystifying the links between school, university and professions

We are a partner-university of the LEAP program. We also have many other programs and activities to help you understand what university is like and help you prepare for study here.

Explore FedUni

If you've arrived here from the LEAP web portal, you've taken the first big step in exploring your options for a professional career. Check out our websites in the LEAP profession areas of business, design, engineering, health and sciences. All our Faculties are highly regarded as great places to study and share the advantages of university life.

The following information will help you find your way around our website and feel more confident about studying at university. Other sites where you will find useful information include Future students, which has information about all programs and courses, living on Res, and assistance with learning and study, including FedReady. There are also some resources and links that you might find helpful.

Courses and opportunities for study at FedUni

Use our Course Finder to explore our range of undergraduate and graduate course options. Find out about the many areas of study as well as entry requirements, various pathways (including pathways from TAFE), entry requirements and more.

How do I get into FedUni?

We offer support programs to help you get into your preferred course. Use the Future students website to get all the info you need to learn to succeed at university.

What scholarships are available to support my studies?

We offer a large number of scholarships. Visit Scholarships and book bursaries page to find out if you might be eligible.

What other services are available to FedUni students?

University is not just about study. We will provide you with a variety of activities and support services to ensure you can make the most of your time at university. Check the Future Students and current Students pages for more information.

Happy exploring!

For further information about the LEAP Program visit the LEAP web portal.