Change of preference

VTAC applicants now have the freedom to change their preferences. Change of preference periods will occur between each offer round which means if you change your mind, you can change your preference. It's as simple as 1, 2, 3!

1. Know your ATAR

Did you apply for SEAS through VTAC? If so, check the potential impact a SEAS application could have on your ATAR with our online SEAS calculator. This will give you an estimate of your adjusted ATAR, by answering just a few simple questions. No SEAS? No problem! Look for a courses that you have met the ATAR requirements for.

2. Find your course and it's ATAR

Browse the ATAR required for FedUni courses in Course Finder, and see what you may be eligible to receive an offer in. Remember that you must also meet prerequisites and any essential requirements for entry (interview, audition etc) as detailed in Course Finder. ATAR cut-offs can move between offer rounds, so give us a call if you are unsure of your chances; we are here to help.

3. Change your preference

Once you’ve found the course that you want to change your preference to:

  • Log in to VTAC.
  • Open your course preference list.
  • Add, delete or reorder your preferences, with the course you most want at the top, and submit your changes.

This can only be done via VTAC in the time frames below:

Change of preference windows

Below are the remaining change of preference windows for 2019 Semester One entry.

Domestic undergraduate course applicants17 January 2019 (10 am) - 25 January 2019 (4 pm)
 5 February 2019 (10 am) - 5 February 2019 (4 pm)
 12 February 2019 (10 am) - 13 February 2019 (4 pm)
 19 February 2019 (10 am) - 20 February 2019 (4 pm)
International undergraduate course applicantsNow closed

Visit the VTAC website for full 'change of preference' information and the complete list of important dates.