Below is a selection of our initiatives offered in various formats for individual schools needs.

Grade 5 and 6

This fun and engaging workshop includes activities for establishing the foundations of students' future planning, developing teamwork skills, connecting links between school and the future and assisting transition to secondary school. The Grade 5/6 school visit concludes with a presentation dinner that parents attend. Students present an aspect of their work during the evening. It is opportunity for students and their parents to start discussions on future career aspirations.

Year 8

Year 8 students participate in a series of interactive challenges, games and university taster sessions, engaging with current students and FedUni Schools Outreach staff at FedUni. Activities assist students to understand the links between skills developed at school and competencies required for careers and tertiary study, develop an understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses, and become aware of the opportunities that further education can present.

Year 9

Building on the Year 8 program, Year 9 students participate in a series of 'hands-on' activities with FedUni Schools Outreach staff and university student volunteers in their school. These explore pathway options, positive role models and the future impacts of study decisions. Small-group activities in this program are designed to alert students to how skills and competencies learnt at school can be applied to employment and tertiary study.

Year 10

Year 10 students participate in a combination of interactive presentations and group activities designed to break down the perceived and real barriers to higher education. Current university students perform an integral role in these activities that can occur in school or at a FedUni campus, as they share their experiences and answer questions, covering topics such as ATAR, living expenses, selecting a course, scholarships, accommodation, social issues and family support.

Year 11

Building on the issues and topics covered in Year 10, students participate in activities at their school providing more detailed information regarding future career and study options. Students interact with current university students and are given the opportunity to ask questions about all facets of university life.

Year 12

FedUni Schools Outreach staff will travel to the school to give Year 12 students valuable information on key topics such as VTAC applications, SEAS applications, change of preference, scholarships, accommodation, support services, gap years, alternative entry pathways and costs associated with going to uni. Students are given the opportunity to ask questions in a group, or can personalise the information with a one-on-one advisory appointment.

Parent session

While most parents believe it is important to assist their child to make decisions about their future and most young people say they want their parents involved in this process, only a few parents feel they have enough knowledge to help their child make the right decisions. The session for parents covers a range of topics and the FedUni Schools Outreach staff are joined by current university students who share their own experiences, tips and tricks. In these evening sessions there is also a generous amount of time for questions.