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Professor Philip Taylor

Professor of Management
Federation Business School

Areas of expertise

  • Ageing workforce
  • Age discrimination

Contact details

Email: Philip Taylor
Phone: 03 5122 6610
Mobile: 0400 148 714
Campus: Gippsland Campus
Social media: Philip Taylor' LinkedIn page


Professor Philip Taylor has 30 years of experience as a researcher, policy writer and advisor on workforce ageing. He has written over 160 books, journal articles, book chapters, reports and commentaries on issues including individual orientations to work and retirement, employer behaviour towards older workers and developments in public policy aimed at prolonging working life. He has provided advice to senior politicians and served on a number of public committees in Australia, the UK and elsewhere. He has won major competitive grants from: ARC (Australia), SSHRCC (Canada), and the ESRC (UK) (@$5 mill) and substantial consultancy funding from various Australian, European Union and Singaporean agencies (@$2 mill), among others. He is a Fellow of the Gerontological Society of America and Associate Editor of the journal Ageing & Society. He was the 2018 Australian Association of Gerontology Glenda Powell Travelling Fellow on the topic of work and ageing.

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