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Plan to bring compassion back to business

Posted: Wednesday 8 May 2019

Can compassion and empathy exist alongside the relentless drive for profit in the corporate world? 

A workshop by Federation University Australia and Compassionate Ballarat on Friday 10 May will examine this issue.

Authors of the book From Me to We: design and build collaborative workplaces, Ian George and Stephen Hanman, will present at the workshop.

Both authors have established business careers, with Ian George, the Founding Director of commercial development company CGA Bryson, and Stephen Hanman, the Chair of the Dyson Group of Companies, which operates buses across Victoria.

Their presentations will include case studies that debunk the idea that empathy and compassion are not in sync with commercial outcomes and show that business relationships require self-knowledge, self-management and ‘other’ awareness.

The authors will argue that taking an emotional intelligence approach challenges organisational leaders to change from creating cultures where harsh competitive behaviour is the norm, to developing more nuanced choices that between collaboration and competition as appropriate.

The workshop will hear that creating more respectful work environments offers a viable alternative to the basic competition model of often hostile and combative workplaces.

The event will be held on Friday 10 May between 8:30am to 11:00am in the Theatre at Tech Park Central, 110 Lydiard St South, Ballarat.

Quotes attributable to Dean of Federation Business School, Professor Christina Lee:

“Business and management schools play a key role in shaping the skills of future business leaders, and can be powerful drivers of corporate responsibility.”

“We equip our students with the skills they need to drive this change through dedicated courses in sustainability, corporate social responsibility, values and ethics.”

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