Name Title and section/area Email Location Phone
Academic staff    
Barton, Andrew (Assoc Prof)Associate Professor, Water Engineering

Y (Mt Helen)53279329
Chattopadhyay, Gopi (Dr)Senior Lecturer, Post Graduate Program Coordinator for Maintenance and Reliability (Gippsland) 51228629
Choudhury, Tanveer (Dr) Lecturer, Mechatronics 4N (Gippsland) 51228481
Costa, Susanga (Dr) Lecturer, Engineering Gippsland 51228342
Hashemi, Sam (Dr)Lecturer, (Gippsland)51228978
Jayasekera, Samudra (Dr) Lecturer, Engineering Y (Mt Helen) 53279114
Kahandawa, Gayan (Dr) Lecturer, Mechatronics 4N (Gippsland) 51228613
Khandelwal, Manoj (Dr) Lecturer, Engineering Y (Mt Helen) 53279821
Phung, TruongScholarly Teaching Fellow, Mechanical (Mt Helen)53276379
Samani, Ali KhajehLecturer, (Mt Helen)53276454
Schaller, Carl Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering Y (Mt Helen) 53279258
Singh, Harpreet Kandra (Dr) Lecturer, Water Engineering 4N (Gippsland) 51228216
Sultan, Ibrahim (Assoc Prof) Associate Professor, Engineering Y (Mt Helen) 53279118
Tat Ooi, Ean (Dr) Senior Lecturer, Structural Engineering Y (Mt Helen) 53276482
Xiao, Zhigang (Dr) Lecturer, Engineering 4N (Gippsland) 51226481
Tuck, Michael (Assoc Prof) Associate Professor, Mining Engineering Y (Mt Helen)


Wilcox, Steve (Prof)Discipline Head, (Gippsland)51226176
You, Greg (Dr) Senior Lecturer, Mining Engineering Y (Mt Helen) 53279136
Zimmer, Gary (Dr) Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering Y (Mt Helen) 53279135
Honorary/research staff    
Kim, Sungho (Edward) (Dr) Research Fellow, GHERG (Gippsland) 51226411
Ibrahim, Yousef (Prof) Adjunct Professor 4N (Gippsland) 51226482
Tolooiyan, Ali (Dr) Senior Research Fellow, GHERG (Gippsland) 51228341