Faculty of Science and Technology


Name Title and section/area Email Location Phone
Academic staff    
Barton, Andrew (Assoc Prof)Associate Professor, Water Engineering


Y (Mt Helen)53279329
Chattopadhyay, Gopi (Dr)Senior Lecturer, Post Graduate Program Coordinator for Maintenance and Reliability Engineeringg.chattopadhyay@federation.edu.au4N (Gippsland) 51228629
Choudhury, Tanveer (Dr) Lecturer, Mechatronics t.choudhury@federation.edu.au 4N (Gippsland) 51228481
Costa, Susanga (Dr) Lecturer, Engineering susanga.costa@federation.edu.au Gippsland 51228342
Hashemi, Sam (Dr)Lecturer, Engineerings.hashemi@federation.edu.au4N (Gippsland)51228978
Javidan, Fatemeh (Dr)Lecturer, Structural Engineeringf.javidan@Federation.edu.auY (Mt Helen)53276394
Jayasekera, Samudra (Dr) Lecturer, Engineering s.jayasekera@federation.edu.au Y (Mt Helen) 53279114
Kahandawa, Gayan (Dr) Lecturer, Mechatronics g.appuhamillage@federation.edu.au 4N (Gippsland) 51228613
Khandelwal, Manoj (Dr) Lecturer, Engineering m.khandelwal@federation.edu.au Y (Mt Helen) 53279821
Phung, TruongScholarly Teaching Fellow, Mechanical Engineeringt.phung@federation.edu.auY (Mt Helen)53276379
Singh, Harpreet Kandra (Dr) Lecturer, Water Engineering h.kandra@federation.edu.au 4N (Gippsland) 51228216
Sultan, Ibrahim (Assoc Prof) Associate Professor, Engineering i.sultan@federation.edu.au Y (Mt Helen) 53279118
Tat Ooi, Ean (Dr) Senior Lecturer, Structural Engineering e.ooi@federation.edu.au Y (Mt Helen) 53276482
Xiao, Zhigang (Dr) Lecturer, Engineering zhigang.xiao@federation.edu.au 4N (Gippsland) 51226481
Tuck, Michael (Assoc Prof) Associate Professor, Mining Engineering m.tuck@federation.edu.au Y (Mt Helen)


Wilcox, Steve (Prof)Discipline Head, Engineeringsteve.wilcox@federation.edu.au4N (Gippsland)51226176
You, Greg (Dr) Senior Lecturer, Mining Engineering g.you@federation.edu.au Y (Mt Helen) 53279136
Zimmer, Gary (Dr) Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering g.zimmer@federation.edu.au Y (Mt Helen) 53279135
Honorary/research staff    
Ibrahim, Yousef (Prof) Adjunct Professor yousef.ibrahim@federation.edu.au 4N (Gippsland) 51226482
Tolooiyan, Ali (Dr) Senior Research Fellow, GHERG ali.tolooiyan@federation.edu.au4W (Gippsland) 51228341