Faculty of Science and Technology

Biomedical and veterinary science

Name Title and section/area Email Location Phone
Academic staff    

Auldist, Danielle (Dr)

Lecturer, Veterinary Science d.auldist@federation.edu.au Berwick
Brook-Carter, Phillip (Dr) Senior Lecturer, Biochemistry phillip.brook-carter@federation.edu.au Gippsland 51226783
Davis, Gregory (Dr) Lecturer, Biochemistry greg.davis@federation.edu.au Gippsland 51228054
Greenhill, Andrew (Dr)         Senior Lecturer, Microbiology andrew.greenhill@federation.edu.au Gippsland 51226439
Mosse, Jenny (A/Prof) Head of School, Applied and Biomedical Sciences jennifer.mosse@federation.edu.au Gippsland 51226246
Myers, Mark (Assoc Prof) Lecturer, Biomedical Science m.myers@federation.edu.au Y (Mt Helen) 53279291
Nankervis, Scott (Dr) Lecturer, Biomedical Science s.nankervis@federation.edu.au Y (Mt Helen) 53276081

Piedrafita, David (Assoc Prof)

Senior Lecturer, Animal Health


Gippsland 51226205
Preston, Sarah (Dr) Lecturer, Veterinary Science sj.preston@federation.edu.au Y (Mt Helen) 53276880
Sandeman, Mark (Prof) Executive Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology mark.sandeman@federation.edu.au Y (Mt Helen) 53279253
Wallace, Morgan (Dr) Lecturer, Biomedical Science m.wallace@federation.edu.au Y (Mt Helen) 53279939
Yutang, Wang (Dr) Senior Lecturer, Biomedical Science yutang.wang@federation.edu.au Y (Mt Helen) 53279394
Honorary/research staff    
Charchar, Fadi (Prof) Emeritus Professor Robert HT Smith Professor f.charchar@federation.edu.au Y Mt Helen) 53276098
Pretes, Priscilla Emeritus Professor Robert HT Smith Research Fellow p.pretes@federation.edu.au Y (Mt Helen) 53276670