Faculty of Science and Technology

Environmental and geoscience

Name Title and section/area Email Location Phone
Academic staff    
Carey, Stephen (Dr) Lecturer, Geology s.carey@federation.edu.au Y (Mt Helen) 53279268
Cook, Simon (Dr) Lecturer, Environmental Management s.cook@federation.edu.au Y (Mt Helen) 53279122
Cox, Nicole Lecturer, Geology n.cox@federation.edu.au Y (Mt Helen) 53279209
Florentine, Singarayer (Assoc Prof) Lecturer, Environmental Management s.florentine@federation.edu.au Y (Mt Helen) 53279231
Green, Alison (Dr) Lecturer, Chemistry alison.green@federation.edu.au Gippsland 51229221
Guinea, Ander (Dr) Lecturer, Geology a.guinea@federation.edu.au Y (Mt Helen) 53279874
Hogan, Fiona (Dr) Lecturer, Environmental Science fiona.hogan@federation.edu.au Gippsland 51226466
Koroznikova, Larissa Lecturer, Metallurgy l.koroznikova@federation.edu.au Y (Mt Helen) 53279298
McKnight, Stafford Lecturer, Geology s.mcknight@federation.edu.au Y (Mt Helen) 53279262
Palmer, Grant (Dr) Senior Lecturer, Environmental Management g.palmer@federation.edu.au Y (Mt Helen) 53279102
Reeves, Jessica (Dr) Lecturer, Environmental Science j.reeves@federation.edu.au Y (Mt Helen) 53279049
Schultz, Nicholas (Dr) Lecturer, Environmental Science n.schultz@federation.edu.au Y (Mt Helen) 53279681
Swan, Haydn Lecturer, Geology h.swan@federation.edu.au Y (Mt Helen) 53279681
Verheyen, Vince (Dr) Senior Lecturer vince.verheyen@federation.edu.au Gippsland 51226451
Wright, Wendy (Assoc Prof) Senior Lecturer wendy.wright@federation.edu.au Gippsland 51226854
Honorary/research staff    
Gell, Peter (Prof) Emeritus Professor Robert HT Smith Professor p.gell@federation.edu.au Y (Mt Helen) 53276155
Fernando, Nimesha (Dr) Postdoctoral Research Fellow n.jayaweera@federation.edu.au Y (Mt Helen) 53279189
Greenslade, Penelope (Dr) Honorary Research Fellow p.greenslade@federation.edu.au Y (Mt Helen) 53276205
Westbrooke, Martin (Prof) Emeritus Professor m.westbrooke@federation.edu.au Y (Mt Helen) 53270543