Submit your COVID-19 vaccination status

Whether you plan to study in person or online, we need to confirm your vaccination status by 24 January 2022, or your first visit to campus, whichever is sooner.

All students are required to submit their COVID-19 vaccination status - whether fully vaccinated, medically exempt, or neither. If you have had one dose, wait to submit until you are fully vaccinated.

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Find your student email address

Your can find your student email address in your student inbox here or in myStudentCentre under Personal Information > Contact Details. Both your inbox and myStudentCentre require you to login with your student ID (LoginName/Username) and password.

Find your Student ID (LoginName/Username)

Your Student ID is an eight-digit number. You can find it on your Student ID Card and in your offer letter. It’s also the Username you use to access Moodle.

Login and Submit

  1. Go to our online portal
  2. Enter your student email address, ending in, in the second box and click ‘Continue’. If the system remembers your student email address you can also use the top option. It’s important to use your student email.
  3. On the login page, re-enter your student email address ending in
  4. Verify your login through our Single-Sign-On SSO using your student ID (LoginName) and password
  5. On the homepage, click ‘Submit your COVID-19 vaccination status’ from the in-page menu.

We will use your vaccination status to manage safe access to our campuses and to ensure that your vaccination status matches the mode of study you’re enrolled in. This information is kept securely and confidentially and cannot be viewed by our staff.

Our campuses are open to anyone who is fully vaccinated or medically exempt. If you are not fully vaccinated or exempt you can read about your online learning and support options.

If you’re completing a placement that requires proof of vaccination you will also need to provide your vaccination details to your placement location or program coordinator on request.

You can let us know your vaccination status by submitting this form. You will have the option to select fully vaccinated, medically exempt or neither fully vaccinated nor medically exempt.

If you have previously submitted your vaccination status and your situation changes, please resubmit the form and contact Student HQ to discuss any changes to your study options.

When you submit your vaccination status you will need to upload proof of your vaccination history. There are four ways you can show proof of your COVID-19 vaccinations.

You must submit your proof of vaccination as a pdf. Be sure your document includes your full name and date of birth. We do not require your document number or Individual Healthcare Identifier, and these can be removed if you wish.

When you submit your vaccination status you will need to upload proof that you are medically exempt. There are two ways you can show proof of your exemption.

If you are neither fully vaccinated nor medically exempt you must still submit your vaccination status by selecting neither fully vaccinated nor medically exempt.

Your vaccination status may impact your course plan, completion date, or the mode of study available to you. You can read more about your online learning options and should contact Student HQ to book an appointment to discuss any impact to your studies.

If you are partially vaccinated, please see information below.

If you have had one dose of a two-dose COVID-19 vaccination please submit your vaccination status after you have received your second dose. If you are still partially vaccinated after 24 January please contact Student HQ to discuss your options.

Yes, all international students will need to submit their vaccination status.

If you have provided your vaccination status before as part of your arrival in Australia, you must still resubmit using this form.

Yes, all students undertaking studies with Federation University through our partners should submit their vaccinations status.

Yes, you need to submit your vaccination status via this form even if you have provided it previously.