Albert Coates Memorial Scholarships

Status Opening date

Closing date

ClosedJune 2021August 2021

The Albert Coates Memorial Scholarships are awarded by the Albert Coates Memorial Trust to students who are able to achieve academic excellence whilst overcoming challenging circumstances.


  • Albert Coates Award (Nursing) $3000
  • Jim Pryor Visual Arts Award $3000
  • Biomedical Science Award  $3000


  • Candidates must be enrolled in an undergraduate nursing, visual arts or biomedical science degree at FedUni at the time of applying for, and if successful, at the time of receipt of the Scholarship.
  • Candidates must have successfully completed their first year of a nursing, visual arts or biomedical science degree and be enrolled in the second year of the course.
  • Both full-time and part-time students from these study areas are eligible for these awards.
  • Candidates must be an Australian Citizen or a Permanent Resident of Australia.

Selection criteria

  • The Scholarships will be presented by Federation University Australia and the Albert Coates Memorial Trust to the candidates who have:
    • Achieved standards of excellence in their academic record.
    • Demonstrated the ability to achieve academically whilst overcoming challenging circumstances, as determined by the Albert Coates Memorial Scholarships Selection Committee. These circumstances may involve financial, personal or academic difficulties, for example.
    • Enrolled in the second year of their degree.
  • The Scholarships shall not necessarily be awarded to the candidate achieving the highest academic standards.
  • Where more than one candidate is selected for an award, prize money may be split

For further information in relation to this scholarship including eligibility and selection criteria please refer to the Albert Coates Memorial Scholarship brochure.


To register for the Albert Coates Memorial Scholarship please complete the following:

  1. KickStart online registration form
    (Note: Do not submit a KickStart online registration form if you have already done so)
  2. Complete the Albert Coates Memorial Scholarship Application form. (This form will be available when applications open in June 2021)

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