Deadly Scholarships application

Deadly Scholarships are administered on behalf of the Indigenous Student Success Program.
Only Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are eligible to apply.

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Must be in a regional or remote location to be eligible for these scholarships (Outside of capital city of each state)

Relocation is required for the Deadly Accommodation Scholarship

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Upon application, you will be required to provide the following:
(a) Centrelink Authorisation Form
(b) Confirmation of Aboriginality
if you do not have your Confirmation of Aboriginality you may submit a Statutory Declaration that declares that you are; of Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander descent; identify as being Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander; are accepted by the community in which you live or have formerly lived.

5mb file size limit.

5mb file size limit.

Note 1 All Statutory Declarations will be monitored by the Aboriginal Education Centre. If a query is made, the onus will be put back onto the applicant to explore and prove their Aboriginality (meeting all three key criteria of the Confirmation of Aboriginality)
Note 2 A Statutory Declaration is a legal binding document. Serious consequences will be applied to those found providing incorrect information and falsifying documents.