When you’re up against it financially the cost of uni can add up, but we don’t want this stopping you from making the most of your time here. That’s why we offer bursaries and grants each semester for students facing financial hardship.

How to apply

Express your interest and we’ll let you know what we can offer you in the range of bursaries and grants. You’ll need to be enrolled at one of our campuses in an undergraduate degree.

Book grant

Eligible students are provided with a $200 voucher to use at our bookstore to assist with the cost of textbooks. Students need to be enrolled full-time at a Federation University campus in the first year of an undergraduate degree. Eligible students may be awarded a maximum of one (1) Book Grant.

Availability: Ongoing while stocks last

Nursing kit grants

The nursing grant allows eligible students for a complete nursing kit. Students need to be enrolled full-time at a Federation University campus in the first year of an undergraduate nursing degree, or Diploma of Nursing.

Availability: The Nursing Kit is available to commencing 2020 students only.

Placement grant

This grant is to support domestic undergraduate students who require financial assistance to ensure they are able to fully participate in the professional development opportunities related to their course. International students are not eligible to apply. Note, Going Rural has provided an online Resilience and Self-Care Package that students can access anytime. This free online course is especially important during these current times and we encourage students to use these useful tools.

  • Placement grants - To be eligible students must be enrolled at a Federation campus and be completing a placement in any year of an undergraduate degree. Students must demonstrate a high level of financial or personal need to be eligible. Eligible students can receive $200 per week of placement (and a maximum of $1000 per year) and is funding dependent.

Note: Placement grants are now closed and will open mid January 2021.

Useful resource

For students studying nursing, midwifery, paramedicine, social work or exercise physiology, Online Introduction to Rural Health has been developed to help you to understand how working in a rural health setting can be different from urban health settings and what to look for on your rural health experience. The online learning unit consists of ten short online mini-modules. It will take around an hour and a half to complete all modules. You can log out and go back and complete modules not yet completed.

External placement grant funding available

Students may be eligible to apply for funding through the Rural Workforce Agency Victoria and Going Rural Health. You cannot receive funding from both sources for the same placement. Each external source has their own eligibility requirements. See links for further information and details on how to apply.

Clothing grant

The clothing grant provides eligible students with a voucher to use at a Federation University Store to purchase required uniforms for placements and labs etc. Students need to be enrolled full-time at a Federation University campus in an undergraduate degree. Eligible students may be awarded a maximum of one (1) Clothing Grant.

Availability: Clothing grants are available to 2020 commencing students only.

Computer grant

The computer grant provides eligible students with a laptop (subject to availability). To be eligible, students need to be enrolled full-time at a Federation campus in an undergraduate degree with 12 months or more remaining until the completion of the degree. Computers are available post census of each semester.

Applications opening March 2021 for Semester 1, 2021

Availability: limited awards

View further information and how to apply for the Computer Grant

Development grant

The Development Grant provides students experiencing financial disadvantage an opportunity to access professional and personal development opportunities. The activity/event may be a requirement of the course; be offered at; or be external to the university. The student may be a participant or the organiser of the activity/event.

Students should demonstrate that the activity/event will;

  • improve academic and or/professional experience
  • enhanced core employability skills (eg: professional memberships, networking events)
  • personal development (leadership attributes)

View further information and application details about the development grant

Specialist equipment grant

This grant provides full-time undergraduate Federation students experiencing financial disadvantage, an opportunity to access items and equipment necessary to the complete their program of study and /or is a reasonable expectation of their program of study to contribute to professional and personal development. For example, performing arts students may apply for a grant to purchase necessary dance equipment. Eligible students may be awarded a maximum of one (1) Specialist Equipment Grant. Students can apply for up to $1000 per annum and is funding dependent.

Students need to demonstrate:

  • The equipment is a requirement of the program of study; academic and/or professional experience
  • The equipment is a reasonable expectation with links to academic/employability outcomes

Eligibility requirements:

  • Must be a full-time higher education student studying on a Federation University campus
  • Not receiving funding from any other source for the equipment