Tohmae Pa Scholarships

  • Category Foundation
  • Location Wimmera
  • Annual value $1,000
  • Open date 18/01/2021
  • Close date 26/02/2021
  • Study sector Higher education; TAFE
  • Study level Certificate; Diploma; FAST (pre-bachelor); Bachelor; Honours; Postgraduate
  • Student type Refugee
  • Student status Continuing; New / commencing
  • Additional eligibility criteria
    • Karen refugee or refugee living within the Nhill district
  • Scholarships available 2

How to apply

Follow the Step by step process to apply for these scholarships

Please read the Selection and Administration Guidelines

Tohmae Pa award scholarships to a Karen refugee or refugee living within the Nhill district student, undertaking studies at the Federation University Wimmera campus.

Two scholarships are available to the value of $1,000 each.

About Tohmae Pa

In 2011 with the support of John and Marg Millington, the Karen set up their own company, Toh Mae Pa, to supply eggs to the Luv-a-Duck Hatchery.

In 2013 changes at Luv-a-Duck meant that the supply of eggs from Toh Mae Pa was no longer required and Toh Mae Pa now collects ducks from the farms spread over the Wimmera and South Mallee for processing at the plant in Nhill.

Toh Mae Pa is currently contracted to conduct catch-up work for Luv-a-Duck. The business permanently employs five Karen people and also has a demand for casual labour.

The Tohmae Pa Scholarships were first awarded in 2018.


2019 Tohmae Pa scholarships

2018 Tohmae Pa scholarships