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The gforce Ballarat scholarships are available to TAFE, VCAL, CALD, migrant, refugee and FAST Federation University Ballarat campus students,  
Preference will given to:-
*  female students  undertaking studies in a non-traditional trade area;
*  students with a disability, illness or injury
*  students who have a barrier to seeking employment and/or training

How to apply

Apply directly through our Scholarships and Grants portal.

About gforce Ballarat

Gforce LogoGforce was established in 1983 as a community-based Group Training Organisation to provide Apprenticeships, Traineeships and to support people with barriers to employment. Today, gforce has significantly expanded its professional services to cater for all employment and recruitment needs. With offices throughout Victoria, gforce employs up to 600 people weekly, including full-time and school-based apprentices and trainees, as well as temporary labour hire staff.

Over the years, gforce has expanded to provide more than just group training, offering a broad range of services to support all jobseekers and employers. Apprenticeships and Traineeships, and vocational training in general are integral to Gforce’s vision and mission as they allow people to gain real, relevant skills as a pathway to employment in their chosen field.

Gforce is committed to adding value to the regions within it operates with local and social conscious. We believe that people are empowered through employment; through working in a role that they enjoy.