Register for FedReady

FedReady is also a great way for continuing students to brush up on or polish their academic skills, get organised, and get back into studying before the semester officially commences. FedReady is a completely free course and open to all students enrolled in a higher education degree at our Federation University campuses. You will have the opportunity to get individual feedback on your current skills, and be given strategies for how to improve your academic skills based on your specific needs.

You can register for FedReady here.

Attending face-to-face orientation

All online students are welcome to attend any of the events or activities being held at your nearest campus. It is a great opportunity to meet some students, participate in social activities, and meet some of the friendly staff who will be supporting you throughout your student journey.

Library online

The library has some fantastic self-help resources including a subject guide especially for online students. You can also chat with a real live librarian and get help to find resources for your course.

Find out more with the online students' library guide

Join the Goosechase

Goosechase is a fun interactive online game we've set up where our online students will compete against each other for points and prizes. Download the Goosechase app to your phone and join 'FedUni Online Orientation Goosechase'. The password is team_online.