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Federation University - Brisbane Campus

Congratulations on starting at Federation University and welcome to the Brisbane Campus! Below you will find everything you need to get started, including the schedule for all the events and activities you need to get you oriented, connected, and ready for your new university life.

Your Orientation is accessed through the Orientation Hub, where you will find all resources and links to orientation sessions. Both live and pre-recorded sessions have been included. A number of different online platforms and programs will be used. Find out about the different online platforms you may be using.

Access the Orientation Hub

*Please note: the Orientation Hub can be accessed from Monday 12 July


Monday 12 July

Access the Orientation Hub

TimeLive or Self-pacedEvent/activity
1.45pm - 2pm AESTSelf-pacedGetting started and university official welcome - Self-paced
Jump into Moodle and get started by selecting your School and having a look at some of the resources to help you get the most out of your Orientation. Watch the welcome videos from the Vice-Chancellor and your fellow students.
2pm - 2:30pm AESTLiveWelcome to Federation University - Live
Get to know the staff who are here to support you during your time at Federation University
2:30pm - 3pm AESTSelf-pacedKey ESOS information - Self-paced
Vital information for international students about studying in Australia, who to speak to about your concerns, and rules you need to follow to comply with your Visa
3pm - 3:30pm AESTSelf-pacedEssential health and safety information - Self-paced
Learn about the health system in Australia and what you should do to make sure you stay safe while studying in here.
3:30pm - 4pm AESTLiveQ&A session - Live
An opportunity to ask any questions you have about studying at Federation University or Australia in general.

Tuesday 13 July

Access the Orientation Hub

TimeLive or Self-pacedEvent/activity
2.30pm - 3.30pm AESTSelf-paced

School welcome and program overviews - Self-paced
We're a friendly bunch of people and your School would like to welcome you too!

Find out what your course is going to cover and meet some of the people who will be teaching you: your lecturers.

3.30pm - 4pm AESTSelf-pacedBelonging and diversity - Self-paced
Whoever you are, whatever your background, whomever you love, regardless of your age, ability, gender, relationship status or whether you are a parent or carer... you belong at Federation University.
4pm AESTSelf-pacedGetting Support - Self-paced
FedUni offers heaps of different services to help you out while you study. Getting to know them will give you the best chance of success in your studies.

Wednesday 14 July

Access the Orientation Hub

TimeLive or Self-pacedEvent/activity
2pm - 4pm AESTLive

Meet the staff at Brisbane Campus - Live
This is a great opportunity to meet the staff who are here to help you throughout you studies. You will find out about:

  • Learning Skills Advice
  • Library
  • Careers advice
  • Academic support
  • Personal support

Online technology bootcamp

Most people know they will encounter many academic skills that are new to them as they start their university journey, but there are also many technology and computer based skills that students don't realise they will need. The Tech Bootcamp series of sessions that run at the start of each semester are there to help students learn these skills. All students are encouraged to attend one session for each of the topics covered, as they will involve information about things you will be required to complete for your assessments each year.

See the Online Technology Bootcamp flyer (pdf)