Welcome to the SMB Campus! Rich in history and established in the centre of Ballarat, SMB has a bunch of ways for you to spend your time, with modern, practically focused facilities and beautiful surrounds. There are also plenty of ways to spend your downtime, too, with a range of local cafes and venues in Ballarat to choose from. Being in the centre of the city makes it an easy journey, too, with many local bus routes stopping nearby.

Skills and jobs centre

The skills and jobs centre provides accurate career, training and jobs advice. You can access it by calling on (03) 5327 6540, emailing them at or even visiting their Facebook page.

Orientation schedules

Orientation is held for new students at the start of each teaching period and schedules will be available closer to the date. You'll also receive an email when our schedules are released.

Getting around on campus

View SMB Campus map (pdf, 2.3mb)

Room numbers for orientation sessions (and classes) can be a little long and confusing at first. You'll find you learn them quickly, but you can use the following rules to help you out:

  • Most rooms at SMB Campus are made up of a letter and three numbers, such as room S112.
  • The letter refers to the building it is in. So in our example of S112, the room will be in Building S.
  • The first number is the floor. For example, in our example of S112, the room will be on Floor 1.
  • The last two numbers are the room number itself, and tell you exactly which room you are looking for.