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Late enrolments

Following the Federal Government sector-wide changes to how student and program information is collected and reported, changes were made to our continuing re-enrolment process. As previously advised, a timely re-enrolment period for standard Federation campus semesters was implemented, and a late charge for re-enrolments completed after this was introduced.

  • Timely enrolments for 2021 open 19 October 2020.
  • Timely enrolments for 2021 close on 24 January 2021.

Students who wish to enrol after the timely re-enrolment period has closed must complete a ‘Late Enrolment’ request form (pdf, 208kb)’ and log an enquiry, attaching this form through the Federation Request and Enquiry Dashboard (FRED):

Please include the following information in the subject line: Late Enrolment Request – Your Name – ID number – Program Code and Campus.

Frequently asked questions

Does the timely re-enrolment process apply to everyone?

The timely re-enrolment process applies to continuing onshore higher education students, studying at a Federation University campus in a standard semester.

It does not apply to the following student categories:

  • commencing students (new)
  • Federation University campus students studying in the trimester model (eg Brisbane Campus)
  • MBA students studying in block mode
  • Master of Social Work (Qualifying) students studying via intensive delivery
  • vocational education
  • offshore and partner provider students
  • cross institutional (inbound)
  • study abroad/exchange (inbound)
  • single subject / non award students
  • students on leave from studies during the timely re-enrolment dates

How much is the late enrolment charge?

Please refer to the Administrative fees and charges webpage for the current listing of all administrative fees.

What happens after I submit my application for late enrolment?

Student HQ will review your application for a late re-enrolment, and determine if the late charge should be applied or waived. The outcome will be based on the information and supporting documentation you provide with your application.

  • If the late fee is waived, the Service Indicator (NSI) will be removed from your student account and you will be able to enrol online through My Student Centre (MySC).
  • If the late enrolment fee is applied to your account, a fees invoice will be issued and the NSI will be removed from your student account allowing you to enrol online. Please note you must enrol for Semester One and Two. Your invoice must be paid according to the included instructions.

You will be advised of the outcome of your application by email to your Federation student email account within 10 working days of submitting the form. Please note: Nursing students will not be permitted to enrol after the commencement of Semester 1, 2021 without the approval of the Program Coordinator. All other students will not be permitted to enrol after the second Friday of the semester.

What if I want to take some time away from my studies?

You must formally apply for leave from studies, prior to the census date. Learn more about leave of studies and how to apply.

What documentation should I include with my application?

Anything that supports your reasons for being unable to enrol within the timely enrolment period. Documentation must state the specified dates of the situation/s occurring

Accepted documents include (but not limited to);

  • Certificates or documents from a medical practitioner ie counsellor, doctor, psychologist.
  • A letter from an employer
  • Documentation from legal practitioner/s
  • Death certificates
  • Police report
  • Notification including the start and finish dates of:
    • Defence Reserve Service from the Defence Reservists Military Unit
    • Jury service from the Juries Commissioner’s Office;
    • Obligations to emergency services, from organisations such as the Country Fire Authority;

Can I appeal the outcome of my late enrolment form?

Yes. Where exceptional circumstances can be demonstrated a student may lodge a written appeal to the Manager, Student HQ asking that the late enrolment fee be reversed. Appeals may be submitted by logging an enquiry through the Federation Request and Enquiry Dashboard (FRED):

The subject line should include: Late Enrolment Appeal – Name – ID number – Program Code and Campus.

Appeals should include specific details of the exceptional circumstances and supporting evidence and documentation (e.g. medical certificate).

If you require assistance with an appeal, please contact the Student Advisory Service.

All other enquiries regarding late re-enrolments should be directed to Student HQ on telephone 1800 333 864.