What is Check-in Week?
During Check-in Week the Uni will be focusing on making sure you are 100% set up to get through the rest of the semester. By now you will be able to make decisions about adjusting your study load to suit your lifestyle, managing your commitments, building the study skills you need, and asking for help if you have anything that isn't working yet.

How does your study load work for you?
After 3 weeks of semester you'll know how your study load is fitting in to your life. You can even make adjustments to the number of subjects you are undertaking to make it fit better. Hungry for more? Want to take a load off? Talk to your School about making your study load suit your lifestyle. You can adjust your enrolment in My Student Centre.

Census Date
Don't forget census date is coming up. Visit our website for more information on important dates at FedUni.

Had big changes in the last 3 weeks?
University is a big life change. From the commitment you make each week to study, right through to the opportunities that open up at the end, University will have a big impact on your life. If you have had life changes that might be overshadowing the new opportunities you're getting from University, we can help! Talk to your School about options of pausing your study while you focus on other parts of your life. Need someone to talk to? Try our brilliant Counselling Service.

Are you kicking goals yet?
University is a learning experience, and we want to make sure that you have all the support to make your learning effective. If you are struggling with any part of your study, we can help! There's a lot to learn, with everything from referencing and time management through to academic writing and effective researching. Chances are, you might not even know where to start. Try one of these resources below!

Want study skills resources? Check out the Study Skills website. With everything from referencing guides through to time management and procrastination help.

Want feedback on an essay before you hand it in? Try checkmate. Part of the Studiosity service, you can get the essay feedback you need, without the pressure of a grade.

Need help after hours? Live chat with an experienced tutor. The Studiosity service is an online chat where you can interact directly with an experienced tutor in specific study fields.

Need someone to explain stuff to you? Get a one-on-one session. Learning Skills Advisors run one-on-one sessions with you to focus on the study skills you need to get your head around.

Want to revise your course content? You need PASS. Some subjects have Peer Assisted Study Sessions which are group learning and revision sessions, facilitated by an experienced student.