Find out about joining the Senate

Why join?

Joining the Senate is an amazing way to learn leadership skills, stand out from other graduates, and make a significant contribution to improving the experience of other students at Federation University.

Learn to lead

Being a Senate representative is about consulting, advocating, networking, goal setting, and making big decisions. Our unique leadership training and development program will support you across your time with the Senate to identify and build essential and highly valuable career and life skills.

Make an impact

Senate representatives make significant contributions to decisions affecting every aspect of student life. From student facilities and services, to courses and policy – you will have many opportunities to influence and advise senior University decision-makers. Use your voice to empower other students, raise issues, and propose new initiatives.

Stand out

The experience and skills you will build during your time on the Senate will set you apart from other graduates. Your Senate experience will build your confidence and experience as a public speaker, leader, and change-maker. Your contribution to improving the student experience will provide powerful content for future job applications.

How to apply

You will be notified via student email when there is a call for applications. 
In 2021, applications will be accepted for vacant positions:

  • March
  • August - September

Want to know more? Email the Student Senate Executive Officer.