Award nominees

FedAwards Nominees

Congratulations to all of our FedAwards nominees. We are always proud of our students' achievements and success.

People's Sporting Champion

New in 2020, this award is for someone who makes a significant contribution to sport at Federation University, gives back to the community and has promoted and helped sport to develop.

They should be a regular in our sporting programs, whether as a participant, coach or official, and encourage their peers to get involved.

2020 Sportsperson of the Year

This award is for a currently enrolled student who the Awards Committee considers to be the most outstanding sportsperson attending Federation University for that calendar year. They should have shown great character, leadership and an interest in their fellow sportspersons. The winner must have represented Fed in some capacity but results in external high performance competition will be taken into account.

Congratulations to all the nominees:

  • Jeremey Byrne
  • Leighton Lauton
  • Nicole Frain
  • Jasmine Kawa

Federation Club or Society of the Year

Recognising a student-run club/society/team which has been consistently well-run, active and inclusive over an extended period of time. This club/society/team possesses strong leadership in their committee which positively impacts their members/University. Examples of their sustained excellence may include:

  • Running events that engage students in positive activities which promote the relationship between themselves and the University community
  • Developing an exceptional group culture with consistently effective succession-planning

Congratulations to all the nominees:

  • Christians @ Uni - Ballarat
  • FedUni Berwick Psych Society
  • FedUni Berwick Islamic Society
  • Federation University Nursing Society (FUNS) - Ballarat
  • StoneCutters Society
  • Indian Student Association – Berwick

Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Student Success

The Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Student Success Award recognises an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander student who has demonstrated excellent effort in their University undergraduate studies, and has made a positive impact in their local or University community. Examples include:

  • Being a leading example to other students
  • Being a role model and outstanding member of the local/wider community

Congratulations to all the nominees:

  • Jessica Van Nus
  • Rebecca Schultz
  • Hayden Edwards
  • Kym Willis
  • Shai Spark

International Star - Advocacy

Recognising an International student who has helped to make positive change for their peers. This student is a leading representative of international students at FedUni and deserves recognition for their devotion to promoting and advocating for the International community on campus.

Examples of their contribution may include:

  • Being a voice for issues concerning international students in either a formal representative role or informal/digital advocacy
  • Contributing to cross cultural awareness on campus or in the community

Congratulations to all the nominees:

  • Ankit Bharadwaj
  • Ayush Dahiya
  • Geeta Tirumala Sai Naralasetty
  • Harvinder Singh (Harry)
  • Jagroop Singh
  • Jeslin Joseph
  • Preeti Dalal

International Star - Support and Engagement

Recognising an international student who has made a significant contribution to University life for their peers. This student has dedicated significant time and effort to improving the International student experience, engaging with and supporting other International Students.

Examples of their contribution may include:

  • Volunteering with International Student Support to deliver and promote social/cultural/learning opportunities
  • Acting as a peer-support or mentor to other International Students

Congratulations to all the nominees:

  • Ankit Bharadwaj
  • Ankit Rattan
  • Ayush Dahiya
  • Chaganti Mehar Prasant Deepak
  • Gaurav Sood
  • Harvinder Singh
  • Jeslin Joseph
  • Komalpreet Kaur
  • Michelle Witteveen
  • Pranaya Lohani
  • Preeti Dalal
  • Sanjampreet Kaur
  • Simranjit Kaur