FedAwards 2020 Winner. Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Student Success. Shai Spark.

The Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Student Success Award recognises an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander student who has demonstrated excellent effort in their University undergraduate studies, and has made a positive impact in their local or University community.

Shai has made significant contributions to the Aboriginal Education Centre, Federation University and the Aboriginal community. Shai is a remarkable person who will leave a lasting impression even after she graduates. She has demonstrated that she is a very capable, hardworking and highly intelligent person, who is working towards completing her Bachelor of Nursing. She is an exemplary student who maintains a GPA above 6. This achievement was formally recognised in a commendation letter from Professor Wendy Cross, Dean of the School of Health.

Shai shows extraordinary passion for her culture and for Aboriginal rights. This passion drives her life goal of becoming a nurse and to affect policy changes which enhance Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health status. She hopes to work and change health policies within rural and remote Aboriginal communities, improving access and quality of health care and ultimately working towards bringing health outcomes for Aboriginal Australians on par with non-Aboriginal Australians.

Racism is unfortunately a factor in Shai’s life, and she is overcoming these obstacles through perseverance, persistence and her certainty in who she is, where she comes from and the mob she belongs to. This determination is a driving force behind her exceptionally high achievements.

Shai’s legacy will and still does inspire other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to reach for the stars in their pursuits.

Congratulations Shai Spark.