International Star - Advocacy

Miriam Sara Perera Dodamwalage

The International Star (Advocacy) Award recognises an international student who has helped make positive change for their peers.

Miriam commenced a Bachelor of Commerce degree with Federation University in 2019, and their leadership qualities quickly came to the fore when they joined the FedUni Mentor Group in 2020. They have been a shining example for fellow students, supporting them with their studies and university life.  

In September 2020, Miriam took up the position of Student Academic Leader which allowed them to further contribute to their peer's success. They also volunteered in the Council of International Students Australia and played a big part in affiliating CISA with FedUni.

Miriam volunteers as the Grievance Officer for the education portfolio, representing FedUni and acting as a voice for 650,000 international students across Australia. For this work, they have been nominated by the CISA president for the upcoming CISA election as the National Treasurer.

Congratulations Miriam Sara Perera Dodamwalage on winning the International Star (Advocacy) Award.