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Fed's got talent

Do you have a talent you would like to share with the world? Fancy winning a great prize? Fed's Got Talent is for you!

Open to all current Federation University students, Fed's Got Talent has both a category for video performance and live performance.

Video performance only category

If performing on stage in front of a live audience doesn't sound like your thing, you can choose to be judged on your video submission only.


1st Place $250 Wish Gift Card,  2nd Place $100 Wish Gift Card

Live performance category

If performing on stage in front of a live audience does sound like your thing, this category is for you! Students entering this category are still required to submit a video submission. Video submissions will then be shortlisted and the top entries invited to compete live on your chosen campus.

As an added bonus, if you're not shortlisted to play live you get a second chance, as your video will be considered for the video performance-only category of the competition.

On-campus live performance details

Gippsland CampusTuesday 31 August12 to 2pmStudent Lounge1st Place $250 Wish Gift Card, 2nd Place $100 Wish Gift Card
Mt Helen CampusTuesday 31 August12 to 2pmAlbert Coates Complex1st Place $250 Wish Gift Card, 2nd Place $100 Wish Gift Card
Berwick CampusWednesday 1 September12 to 2pmStudent lounge1st Place $250 Wish Gift Card, 2nd Place $100 Wish Gift Card

But wait, there's more!

Getting your submission in early may also see you invited to perform at a Federation University Open Day on Sunday 15 August.

How to enter

Simply record a 2- 3-minute video of your performance and submit by 11.59 pm, Friday 13 August 2021.

Judging criteria

An independent panel will judge the entries on the following criteria:

  1. Skill/talent displayed that would appeal to a student audience
  2. Presentation and delivery of talent either live or in video format (see detail video submission requirements)
  3. Skill displayed in the performance
  4. Crowd reaction (live performance only)

Filming your performance guidelines

  • Film your performance on a phone/tablet device
  • Film in landscape (turn device on the side)
  • Make sure your device is supported on a steady surface (not held)
  • Begin your video with a short intro. Your name, and a brief description of your performance (song title, dance style etc)
  • Perform as if there is a live audience
  • Microphones are strictly prohibited and instruments must be unplugged and performed acoustically. Keyboards may use their inbuilt speakers.
  • Make sure the music is coming from an external source such as a Bluetooth speaker. Take time in balancing the audio so we can clearly hear your voice.
  • Think about your lighting. Make sure your face is well lit with either natural light or your own set-up
  • Each song must be recorded in one take, one camera, without editing. No visual features, and strictly no audio effects. You can film your performance as many times as you like to get it right, but the version you send must be filmed in one take.