Schools Outreach ambassadors

Schools Outreach student ambassadors

FedUni Schools Outreach is an equity initiative committed to developing school students’ aspirations towards higher education, through providing inspiration, advice and valuable experiences.

  • Year 12 Sessions give students the opportunity to work with FedUni Schools Outreach staff, gaining advice on key topics around applications and pathways to university, as well as accommodation, support services and gap years. Stand-alone workshops on applying for scholarships are also provided.
  • In-school Workshops (Years 9, 10 & 11) raise student aspirations towards higher education, breaking down barriers to future study and providing practical advice from current university students.
  • Experience & Discovery Days (Years 9 & 10) provide students with the opportunity to explore a university campus and experience hands-on higher education activities.
  • Parent Sessions provide an opportunity for families and parents to familiarise themselves with educational options and strategies to deal with barriers to education.
  • University Experience Camps (Year 8) students experience a taste of university life through a variety of fun and interactive challenges.