Multifaith Reference Group

We are accepting applications. Apply now.

What we're about

The Multifaith Reference Group (MFRG) is a new student-led initative designed to bring together staff and students from diverse faiths, empowering them to participate in decision-making around inclusivity and the celebration of diverse faiths at Federation University. We are launching mid-2021 and inviting interested staff and students to apply.

We want to make sure people from all faiths feel welcome and have a sense of belonging at Federation University. The MFRG will do this by making recommendations to the University and the Student Senate. As a new committee, we're only just defining our scope and are open to exploring all areas. We anticipate we will discuss things like, but not limited to:

  • Provision of prayer rooms and standards for prayer rooms
  • Faith-related events on campuses
  • Provision of religious counselling services on campus, like the chaplaincy service
  • Supporting our faith-based clubs and societies

Our Terms of Reference (PDF, 129kb) provides further information including a formal overview of the rules, scope and purpose of the MFRG.

Member expectations

Our group will meet up to four times per year, roughly once every three months. You will be expected to:

  • prepare for each meeting by reading the agenda and any reports
  • attend each meeting, or offer an apology in advance to the Chair
  • follow up with any assigned actions arising from the meeting

We expect our members to consult with and speak on behalf of fellow staff and students who share their faith. We are seeking staff and students who are linked with and can represent on behalf of their faith communities. Our application will ask you to reflect on how you might consult with and raise feedback on behalf of students and staff who share your faith.

We will also ask you to agree to be respectful to those of other faiths, and refrain from expressing discriminatory or negative views about other faiths. See the application form for more information.

The group membership must aim to achieve gender parity, or as close to parity as possible. Applications will also be considered with this requirement in mind.

Apply to join

We are accepting applications. Apply now.

The reference group is seeking applications from interested staff and students. Your application will be considered by the Chair of Senate, the Reference Group, and their delegates.