Federation Award

Get rewarded for your volunteering and leadership achievements during your time at FedUni by completing a Federation Award. The recognition of a Federation Award is a great way to demonstrate to employers that you are someone who is willing to stand out from the crowd. It will connect you to a network of other motivated students, giving you the chance to work together for change and build strong relationships along the way.

4 simple steps

  1. Register your interest to participate
    Fill out the registration form and return it to studentengagement@federation.edu.au
  2. Carry out 20 hours of volunteering or a student leadership role
    This can be any activity on or off campus which allows you to give something back to your community and assists you in gaining valuable skills and experience. You can search opportunities on CareerHub, check out opportunities on or off campus, or chat with the Student Development Team to see what kind of opportunity is right for you and to make sure the opportunity will count towards the Federation Award. The opportunity cannot be for course credit. Any valid opportunity carried out between 1 November 2018 and 30 September 2019 can be counted. You will need to provide evidence of having taken part in the opportunity such as a signature from a supervisor or a screenshot of an online task you have carried out.
  3. Take part in 2 skill development activities
    Skill development activities are any non-compulsory training sessions which challenge you to develop your thinking and practice around a particular skill or set of skills. FedUni has a number of opportunities including Masterclasses, Employability workshops and the Career Advantage Program. Check out CareerHub or Masterclasses for more opportunities. Skill development courses run off campus can also count towards the Federation Award, a great place to start looking for course is at your local neighbourhood centre. Please check in with us to ensure the training will count towards the award before attending the course. Any valid opportunity carried out between 1 November 2018 and 30 September 2019 can be counted.
  4. Receive an invite to the Awards event
    Once your volunteer hours and skills development sessions have been handed into the Student Engagement team and validated, we will send you an invite to the Federation Awards night on Thursday 17 October to receive your award.