Leaders display and promote positive behaviours, and aspire to make a difference. They act with integrity, are receptive to alternatives and foster sustainable and resilient practices.

Opportunities for Leaders include:

Student Senate representative

The Student Senate is a body of student leaders at the university that works to implement initiatives and affect change to improve the student experience. Each senate member has a group of students that they represent.


A mentor guides a group of commencing students through their entry into the university. They help students through orientation and their first six weeks, helping to make what can be a confusing and scary transition period a little easier.

PASS leader

PASS leaders run study sessions for students in particular courses. They are peer-led sessions that help students understand complex content.

Student academic leader

These students staff the ASK Service in the Library. They are there to respond to student enquiries from any students facing uncertainty, and – if they cannot answer it directly – refer the students to the appropriate service.