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Communicators create, exchange, impart and convey information, ideas, and concepts effectively. They are respectful, inclusive and empathetic towards their audience, and express thoughts, feelings and information in ways that help others to understand.

Opportunities for Communicators include:

Student ambassadors

Student ambassadors work to promote the university and introduce people to specific aspects of the university. This might include helping out at open day, travelling to build university awareness and more.

FedPress editing team

FedPress is a student-run publication that showcases student art, poetry, stories and journalism. The editing team runs the magazine, accepting and assembling stories, editing submissions and compiling them for publication.

School board representative

School board representatives hold a place on the school boards and act as representatives of the student body. They seek out student opinions on matters relevant to the school, and provide this insight and feedback to the academic staff, potentially steering and even changing decisions made by the school and the effect it has on the student body.

Student onsite support officer

Students are responsible for providing IT support to students at the university. They provide friendly, approachable peer support for common IT issues.

ITS student support queue staff

These students provide phone support to students with IT questions or issues. It is a busy and important role that provides continuous support.

Library rovers

Library rovers shelve books and assist Library staff in their duties. Importantly, though, rovers offer support to students in the library, and respond to questions that students have.