Re-affiliate an existing club or society

We know that 2020 has been a tough year, and some student groups may find it challenging to meet the standard re-affiliation requirements.

As a result, this year there are several different options available to allow for as many student groups as possible to continue running stress-free. Of course, choosing the normal re-affiliation option will be preferable, however in your case it may not be realistic. The options available are:

A. Complete re-affiliation during the normal timeframe with standard requirements – Re-affiliation deadline is Wednesday 2 December 2020
B. Delay re-affiliation until Wednesday 24 March 2021
C. Merge with another student group
D. Close the student group


This is a good choice if

A. Complete normal re-affiliation in 2020

Your student group is doing well with engagement and your team feels that your student group can meet all requirements for an AGM, AND

You think you can fill all Executive positions during an AGM before December 4, 2020

B. Delaying re-affiliation to 2021

Your committee is active and keen to keep the student group going but you’re struggling with engagement and are worried that an AGM this year will not be successful, AND

A sufficient proportion of your current Exec team is able to continue running the student group until Wednesday 24 March 2021,

C. Merging with another student group before December 4 2020

There is another student group with similar aims, objectives and/or activities that they could fill the gap caused by your student group’s absence, OR

There is another student group who has similar objectives/aims to you and is also experiencing difficulties with engagement this year

D. Close the student group

Your Executive team is very inactive and your student group’s engagement is low, AND

You do not foresee being able to reactivate the student group in the near future, AND

There are no student groups similar enough to yours that it would make sense for them to merge with/absorb your student group

Next steps

Step 1

Call a meeting of the executive committee to discuss the options and make a decision based on the group’s circumstances. Ensure to keep minutes of discussions and the outcome.

Step 2

Complete the Student Groups Re-affiliation Intention form, choosing the option that reflects the decisions made by the executive committee.

Step 3

Complete the remaining requirements for your chosen option:

Option A – Complete normal re-affiliationOption B – Delay re-affiliationOption C - Merging with another student groupOption D - Close the student group

1. Hold 2020 AGM

2. Complete Student Groups Re-affiliation Form – requiring the following information:

  • Committee information
  • Finances including signatories, bank statements and asset register
  • Number of members
  • Accounts and social media information
  • Constitution and AGM minutes
  • A written End of Year Rev

3. A Student Engagement Officer will then be in touch to confirm re-affiliation

To be completed before Wednesday 2 December 2020

1. Continue engaging with your student group members.

2. A Student Engagement Officer will be in touch early 2021 to discuss re-affiliation.

1. Contact members to inform them of this decision.

2. Begin speaking with other student groups who you may be able to merge with. These may include other similar student groups on other campuses.

3. A Student Engagement Officer will be in touch to discuss the merger.

To be completed before Wednesday 2 December 2020

1. Contact members to inform them of this decision.

2. A Student Engagement Officer will be in touch to discuss.

To be completed before Wednesday 2 December 2020