FedUni Stone Soup Co-op

Do you remember the story of the man with the soup stone? He arrive at a village but no one would spare him some food. So he put a stone in a pot in the village square. The villagers were intrigued and eager to try the soup. The man kept tasting it and suggesting ingredients to make it taste better and sure enough, the villagers offered up the ingredients. Everyone got a bowl of soup and it was delicious. It is this spirit of collaborative cooking that we’re trying to create with the Stone Soup Co-Op.

You can support us by:

  • Signing up for a semester membership with a gold coin donation
  • Putting a donation in the tin
  • Helping us out in the kitchen, every Monday starting at 10:30am

Our aim is to provide the opportunity to come together as a community and to cook and share meals together. So please join us!

Email: stone.soup.feduni@gmail.com