Submit an assignment

Submitting assignments in Moodle is as simple as drag-and-drop. For this to work your computer needs to have the latest Java updates and a recent W3C compliant web browsers. eg. Firefox or Chrome. Internet Explorer has mixed results, so please try a different browser if you experience issues.

You may wish to access submissions and feedback for marking if so see Accessing assignment submissions feedback and marking.

To submit an assignment

  1. Click on the assignment name.

    assignment link
  2. You will now see the submission overview. Note the Submission status at the top, it will display what stage the submission is at. Click the Add submission button to continue.

    assignment overview
  3. To upload your assignment, drag the file from you computer to the upload window. Please be patient and wait for Moodle to display the file in the window.

    Note: It is recommended that you upload a PDF type file to make the file the most accessible to markers, you are able to convert most types of files to PDF from various file types.

    submission area

    You may select more than one file to drag at a time, however you cannot drag folders.

    Note: Drag and drop will only work with a compatible web browser. We strongly recommend using Firefox or Chrome browsers. To upload using older versions, or to access other files sources like Google Drive or Dropbox, click the button.
  4. During upload you will see a progress bar. This displays the file transfer progress, however, Moodle will still need to scan you document for viruses, so please wait until Moodle displays the uploaded file icon, then click Save changes.

    file uploaded
  5. The screen will refresh showing the new status of your submission.

    submission status
  6. If enabled, there will be a button to submit the assignment for grading. Once done, this cannot be changed. Please confirm that the file uploaded is the correct piece of work, you may change this using Edit submission button, if needed, before clicking the Submit assignment button.

  7. Note: The date of submission will only be set once you click the Submit assignment button. Please ensure you have submitted your assignment correctly.

  8. You will be asked to confirm the submission, if unsure click Cancel, else click the Continue button.

    are you sure
  9. Your new submission status will be displayed.

    submitted assignment status
  10. Moodle will send you a submission confirmation email.
  11. The grading status will change to Graded when the person marking the assignment has finished.