Fees, charges and eligibility

Government-subsidised places (1 January to 31 December)

All students who access a government subsidised place are allocated a maximum number of funded hours to complete their course requirements. Students who do not satisfactorily complete all course requirements and have exhausted allocated funded hours wishing to re-enrol will be required to pay full fee rates.

Students not eligible for a government subsidised place will be charged the full-fee tuition rate for all enrolled hours (Eligibility exemptions may be applicable).

The TAFE fees and charges information explains the fees and charges that apply when you enrol. It also gives details of your responsibilities in relation to withdrawals, refunds and invoices.

You can download the full version of the current TAFE Fees and Charges (pdf, 479kb)

2018 TAFE eligibility exemptions

You could be eligible for government subsidised study at Federation University Australia through the TAFE eligibility exemptions.

If you have been deemed ineligible for a government subsidised place because you have a higher qualification or have commenced two qualifications at the same level you may be eligible to enrol in a government subsidised place with a TAFE eligibility exemption.

Please note: A limited number of TAFE eligibility exemptions are available so contact us now to secure your place for 2018.

What are TAFE eligibility exemptions?

The exemptions are aimed at supporting students to gain quality education and training from an eligible Victorian TAFE provider, as per the following categories:

Upskilling, but have a qualification at a higher level, e.g. enrolling in a Certificate IV when you have already completed a Certificate IV qualification or higher. With a TAFE eligibility exemption you may be eligible for government funding to gain a qualification at the same (or lower) level as one you already hold.

Upskilling, but have previously commenced two other government funded courses at the same level in your lifetime, e.g. enrolling in a diploma when you had commenced two government-funded diplomas. With a TAFE eligibility exemption you may be eligible for a government-funded place to study a qualification at the same level as the courses you had previously commenced.