Can changing my study load help my completion rate?

Reducing your study load to focus your efforts on a smaller number of courses can be a good option as every course you pass increases your completion rate.

Reducing your study load can be beneficial academically and personally if you have found the demands of full-time study a challenge. This allows you to focus your efforts on a smaller number of courses and gives you time for things outside of studies, such as work, family responsibilities and personal activities. Increasing your completion rate by focusing on fewer courses at a time improves your chances of keeping Commonwealth Support for your studies. It may also delay the assessment of your CSP/HELP eligibility, giving you extra time until you have attempted eight courses(or four for diploma, FAST and enabling programs).

You can use our calculator above to check how attempting different study loads will impact your completion rate.

If you also receive Centrelink benefits it’s important to understand how changing from full-time to part-time study impacts your benefits.

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