Job-ready Graduates Package

Changes to CSP and HELP loan eligibility requirements

Amendments made to higher education legislation in October 2020 under the Higher Education Support Amendments (Job Ready Graduates and Supporting Rural and Remote Students) Bill introduced additional eligibility conditions for students undertaking studies in a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) and students accessing HELP assistance.

How will changes to the eligibility requirements for Commonwealth Support and HELP loans affect me?

From January 2021, Commonwealth supported students must meet the conditions below throughout their program to maintain eligibility for Commonwealth assistance:

  • be assessed as academically suited to your chosen field of study
  • be a genuine student and engage with your study
  • limit their enrolment to 2.0 EFTSL worth of study per year unless assessed as academically suited to do so.

If you are a Commonwealth supported student, and you are commencing studies in a new program from 1 January 2022, you must also meet the condition below throughout the duration of your program to maintain your eligibility for Commonwealth assistance. You must:

  • have a satisfactory completion rate of 50% or more of your enrolled courses (assessed after eight courses are attempted) and maintain this completion rate for the duration of your program. Incomplete courses include those that are failed, as well as those dropped after the census date.

Students who do not meet these requirements will no longer be eligible for a Commonwealth Supported Place or a HELP loan.
More information on the new requirements is available on the Study Assist website

What happens if I don’t meet the 50% completion rate?

Students commencing study in 2022 in a bachelor degree or higher will be assessed for the completion rate requirement after eight courses have been attempted. Students in sub-bachelor level and pathway programs will be assessed and monitored after four courses have been attempted. Students who have not successfully completed at least 50% of their attempted courses will no longer be eligible for Commonwealth support and/or a HELP loan.

If you have not met the 50% completion rate after attempting the required number of courses, our student advisors will work with you on alternative pathways for you to continue your studies.

Pathways may include:

  • continuing in your current program as a fee-paying student. Once your completion rate reaches the required rate, your eligibility for Commonwealth support will be reinstated.
  • transferring to a new program of study in a Commonwealth supported place. You must still meet the completion rate requirements under your new program to maintain your eligibility for Commonwealth support.

Will my course count as a fail for funding eligibility if I withdraw after the census date but before the last date to withdraw without academic penalty?

Yes, it will because the course will not be deemed to have been completed under the Job Ready Graduates and Supporting Rural and Remote Students.

How can I demonstrate that I’m a ‘genuine student’?

From January 2021 all students in Commonwealth supported places must be a ‘genuine student’ for each unit of study attempted to be eligible to receive Commonwealth assistance. The University will assess if you are a genuine student by monitoring your academic progress and engagement with your study.

Typically, genuine students will:

  • regularly log on to Moodle and actively engage with course materials and the learning environment
  • submit all required assessment items for each enrolled course
  • regularly access University communications and respond or action as required
  • access University support services where required
  • undertake a reasonable study load and manage their enrolment appropriately to maintain satisfactory academic progress.

If the University assesses that a student may not be genuine, the University may report that student to the Department of Education, Skills and Employment as a non-genuine student.

More information is available on the Study Assist website.

What do the changes to CSP eligibility mean for students?

The changes to CSP eligibility introduced under the Job Ready Graduates and Supporting Rural and Remote Students Bill are designed to ensure that students who access Commonwealth assistance are genuine students and have the necessary academic skills to successfully undertake studies in their chosen field and progress through their program.

More information is available on the Study Assist website

This information has been developed with the support of the Regional University's Network.