HE Teaching Period - Late Summer, 2020 (Term Code 2002)

2 Jan 2020  University opens for 2020 
6 Jan 2020  Late Summer lectures/teaching period commence
17 Jan 2020  Last date to add courses to Late Summer Semester enrolment without financial penalty
20 Jan 2020  Census Date:  Last date to drop/withdraw from HE courses for Late Summer enrolment without incurring a HECS/Fee debt
27 Jan 2020  Australia Day Public holiday (University closed)
31 Jan 2020  Last date a W grade will be given automatically for a late Summer course
14 Feb 2020  End of Late Summer lecture period
28 Feb 2020 End of Late Summer examination period
10 Mar 2020  Results for Late Summer 2019 published. mysc.federation.edu.au